Are you looking for a replacement or an alternative for your existing membrane system?

When exchanging or upgrading existing membrane systems, companies have always been bound to the original membrane supplier. Certainly, manufacturers are aware of this. Therefore, prices for spare parts are high.

With our MYTEX RETROFITS we are able to replace almost every membrane module available in the market. Often, existing base frames and aeration systems can remain unchanged and only the membrane part is replaced by specially manufactured membrane blocks. This keeps replacement and conversion costs to a minimum and reduces your dependence on a single membrane supplier. 

Typically, no changes to the operating mode are necessary, as MYTEX modules are compatible with all common operating modes: 

  • Gravity filtration with relaxation or with backwash via elevated tanks.
  • Filtration and back flush with reversible permeate pump
  • Filtration with centrifugal pump without backwash (relaxation only)
  • Application of various chemical cleaning strategies
  • Aeration with fine bubble or coarse bubble aeration possible

We would be pleased to equip your existing plant with new UF and MF modules and to individualize our filtration products according to your requirements.

Gravity filtration Kubota

Reference example: Kuboto EK400 Retrofit 

Drop-in solution for plate and frame modules
1x 480m², Municipal wastewater treatment, Bodrum, Turkey 

In this municipal wastewater treatment plant, the membrane modules needed to be replaced. The operator had the choice of purchasing very expensive spare parts (individual membrane plates) or completely new modules. Both options required high investment cost. With MYTEX® RETROFIT, we could offer an economical alternative that provides step-by-step upgrade to the latest membrane technology with the minimum cost, time and effort. In this case only the membrane unit should be replaced and the other Peripheral equipments like aeration unit and plant control system remained unchanged.  

  • Low spare parts costs  
  • No additional costs: drop-in solution without adapting the control system  
  • Minimum required time: faster conversion (4 hr) than the exchange of all single membrane cartridge  
  • Expanding the capacity (by 50 %) by increasing the membrane area in the same required space  
  • Unique and extremely robust technology: Unlimited suction pressure and self-healing membrane