STRO modules are designed for the efficient processing of streams with a high TDS value (Total Dissolved Solids) and offer versatile solutions for different separation requirements. The cost-effective STRO modules are based on decades of experience in industrial membrane technology and represent a breakthrough in desalination and liquid purification.

STRO modules are ideal for various critical applications:

STRO-Modul: Engineered for Demanding Conditions
Tailored for feed streams with high hardness and significant suspended solids, our DTRO and STRO membrane modules come with outstanding anti-fouling properties, perfect for treating highly contaminated wastewater.

  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Chemical and Wastewater Desulfurization
  • High Solids Applications
  • Offshore Seawater Desalination
  • Zero Liquid Discharge/Reduction of Industrial Wastewater
  • High pressure F&B Applications

What are the reasons for DTRO / STRO Reverse Osmosis Modules?

  • High-quality Membrane
    Delivers consistent performance with high flux and rejection rates.
  • Innovative design
    State-of-the-art design, including the next-generation deflector for enhanced robustness and increased turbulence.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
    Radially symmetric flow enhances filtration efficiency and uniformity, ideal for high-purity processes.
  • Extended Membrane Life
    Reduces operational costs, offering an extended lifespan and reduced maintenance.
  • High packing density
    The ST design maximizes the membrane area, enhancing performance.
  • Superior Anti-Fouling Properties
    Optimized flow pattern minimizes dead zones, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Versatility in pressure levels
    Accommodates a range of pressure levels, up to 160bar, to meet specific needs.
  • High specific performance
    Delivers up to two times the performance of normal SWRO sea water elements.

Simple operation and maintenance: Simplifies daily operation and offers convenience and reliability.

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