Pilot Plants

Test our membrane modules for your specific application

Nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to carry out various tests with pilot plants in order to check new applications and optimize the plant design.
Our pilot plant for wastewater and water treatment is available to customers who want to carry out tests with ultrafiltration and microfiltration modules directly on site. The container plant has a modular design and is state-of-the-art.
The pilot plant can be used to test the perfect configuration for a large-scale plant. Via remote monitoring, it is possible to follow and watch the ongoing tests online.

Advantages & Specification:

  • 20 feet container
  • Easy installation
  • Commercial 1 to 3 stack H4L and H4S modules, with 75 m² to 225 m² membrane area
  • Automated chemical cleaning system
  • Integrated lifting system for assembly, disassembly and inspection of modules (no crane needed!)
  • Remote monitoring for data analysis

The pilot installation can test a large number of MF / UF configurations on site.

Applications which have already been investigated:

  • Filtration of the overflow of the sludge storage tank of a large municipal wastewater treatment plant.
  • Filtration of biologically treated wastewater from the textile industry
  • MBR for wastewater from the chemical industry
  • Hydraulic optimization of a SBR reactor
  • Qualification of new membrane types in municipal wastewater

Plug & Play

Our membrane modules are assembled in a container. They are delivered to the customer's site and then only require power supply and water supply on site.

We are also glad to design your individual pilot plant and are at your disposal with our know-how for the test phase. Our experienced technicians and engineers will gladly accompany the tests and provide you with detailed evaluations and the corresponding documentation.