Based on your MYTEX TILES configuration, we offer customized MYTEX BLOCKs, which are stackable, self-supporting units characterized by an extremely high packing density and maximum modularity. They are easy to handle manually, especially in confined spaces. The number of individual pockets in the MYTEX BLOCKS can be adjusted as required (up to a maximum of 50).


Individual pockets can be added or replaced. The cleaning of your MYTEX TILES within the membrane block is optimized thanks to the flowability from below and from the side. These advantages make MYTEX BLOCKS the most service-friendly membrane blocks on the market.

What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

  • Stackable units – like building blocks – with high packing density
    MYTEX BLOCKS can be stacked like building blocks and offer an impressive packing density.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to accessibility from all sides
    The MYTEX blocks are easily accessible from all sides, which makes maintenance much easier.
  • Easy handling without special tools and lifting equipment
    Operation does not require any special tools or lifting equipment and is therefore uncomplicated.
  • Low spare parts costs thanks to replaceable laminate sheets
    Individual laminate sheets can be replaced, which minimizes spare parts costs.
  • Free choice of membrane surface
    Variable pocket sizes and number of sheets give you the freedom to adapt the filter surface to your requirements.

With MYTEX BLOCKS you get an extremely flexible and maintenance-friendly solution that meets the requirements of your membrane filtration.

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