Based on MYTEX laminate technology, we offer standardized or customized MYTEX TILES that can be developed specifically for your applications. Any size (up to 1100 mm in length) and shape can be realized as a starting element for an individual dipped membrane block. You also have the freedom to configure the position and shape of the permeate connection according to your requirements.


Thanks to our double edge sealing technology (welding and sealing), we can guarantee 100% long-term impermeability at the edges. This additional stability protects your individual MYTEX TILES from external mechanical impacts that could occur during installation or otherwise.

What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

  • Double edge sealing technology (welding and sealing)
    Our technology guarantees 100% long-term tightness and offers increased protection against unintentional mechanical impact, especially during installation.
  • Flexibility in size and shape (rectangular, trapezoidal, round)
    We offer the freedom to design MYTEX TILES in different shapes and sizes to suit your individual requirements.
  • Free choice of membrane (manufacturer, material, pore size, selectivity)
    You can select the membrane according to your requirements, be it the manufacturer, the material, the pore size or the selectivity.

With MYTEX TILES, you get customized solutions that can be adapted to your specific requirements in terms of size, shape and membrane selection.

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