MYTEX TILES – We produce customized sizes and shapes

Based on the MYTEX laminate technology, we are able to supply and manufacture standardized or highly customized MYTEX TILES – all according to your required application. Any size (up to 1100 mm length) and shape can be manufactured as an initial element for a separate submerged membrane block. Plus, the permeate connection is freely configurable in position and shape. Thanks to the 2-step edge sealing technique (welding and sealing with glue), we can guarantee a long-term tightness of the edges of 100%. Due to this additional stability, your individual MYTEX TILES are protected against any external mechanical impact - which could occur unintentionally during the assembly.


Benefits at a glance:

  • 2-step edge sealing technology (welding and sealing with glue)
  • 100% long-term tightness guaranteed, increased protection against unwanted mechanical impact, for example during assembly
  • any size and shape is possible (rectangular, trapezoidal, round)
  • free choice of membrane according to manufacturer, material, pore size and selectivity