Filtration of Water and Wastewater is of Highest Importance in the Automotive Industry.

In the automotive industry, the filtration of water and waste water is of great importance for the production of high-quality vehicles. Clean water is crucial in all manufacturing processes, from painting to cooling. Filtration systems, membranes and modules, help to extend the service life of machines, minimize production downtime and increase the quality of end products. They also help to reduce the ecological footprint through effective wastewater treatment. Membrane technology therefore plays a decisive role in ensuring that vehicles can be used for significantly longer in the long term. With our versatile range of membranes and modules, we are at your disposal for the following applications.

Application Areas in the Automotive Industry

  • Water treatment
  • Paint / varnish recycling
  • Waste water treatment
  • Treatment of acids
  • Purification of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide solution)
  • Recovery of water-based spray paints
  • Maintenance and servicing of degreasing baths
  • Filtration of anodic electrophoretic paint (CEP)
  • Filtration of cathodic electrophoretic paint (AEP)

A broad Portfolio of Filter Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The use of filtration technologies in industrial water and wastewater treatment in the automotive industry ensures compliance with quality standards and environmental regulations, contributes to product quality and minimizes the environmental impact of processes.


WTA UNISOL offers its customers a broad portfolio of micro-, ultra-, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes and modules with high packing density and high flow rates. With our membranes, formats, spiral wound modules, hollow fiber modules and submerged membrane systems, we are at your disposal as a competent partner. Challenge us!

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