MYTEX laminate was developed to meet our customers’ requirements for a versatile, highly resistant and durable laminate. With its impressive strength, it can withstand even the highest suction pressure without being damaged. This gives you the security of using a wider operating range than comparable products in other systems. Thanks to its patented design, MYTEX LAMINATES can be manufactured from almost any commercially available membrane to meet the individual requirements of our customers.


The hybrid design of MYTEX LAMINATE combines the advantages of hollow fiber systems and modular panel systems, making it flexible and backwashable. The laminate also has a large free volume inside its pockets, which offers the possibility of finishing with reactive substances for extended permeate cleaning.

Safeguard Technology - protection, even in the event of damage

Our patented Safeguard Technology ensures that even if the membrane is damaged, no biomass can penetrate the drainage layer. Instead, the retained biomass is deposited on the damaged area and reliably seals it.This effectively prevents turbidity in the filtrate due to the intrusion of biomass.

Flexible design for maximum versatility

The patented textile-based multi-layer laminate guarantees a seamless connection of the membrane applied on both sides and thus provides a semi-flexible, backwashable, durable and robust construction.

What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

  • Reliable retention, even if the membrane is damaged.
  • Free choice of membrane according to manufacturer, material and selectivity.
  • Durable and reliable thanks to robust design and high-quality construction materials.
  • Pressure-stable in positive and negative pressure operation.
  • Virtually indestructible, even under extreme conditions close to vacuum.

MYTEX LAMINATES offer you the reliability and flexibility you need for your demanding applications.

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