The MYTEX laminate meets our customers’ request for a flexible but also very strong, stable and durable laminate. Due to its high strength, it is resistant to negative pressure and cannot be damaged, even by maximum suction pressure. This increases the reliability for your process and provides a wider operating window compared to systems using alternative products. Thanks to its patented structure, MYTEX LAMINATES can be manufactured from any membrane available in the market. As a result, we are able to fully meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Thanks to its hybrid construction, it is flexible and backwashable. The reason is that the advantages from two worlds have been perfectly combined: the hollow fiber systems and plate type systems. MYTEX LAMINATE also features a high free volume inside the pocket. Due to the possible finishing of the laminate with reactive substances, a more intensive cleaning of the permeate is possible.

For more information on a deeper cleaning of the permeate, see under “innovations”.


Safeguard Technology

This patented process ensures that even if the membrane is damaged, biomass cannot penetrate the drainage layer. The retained biomass is deposited on the damaged area and blocks it. Turbidity of the filtrate due to the penetration of biomass is thus prevented in a very reliable way.

With its patented, textile multilayer structure, the laminate guarantees a full-surface connection of the membrane applied on both sides. Thus, it provides a semi-flexible, backwashable, durable and robust construction.

Additional benefits

  • reliable retention, even with damaged membrane
  • free choice of membrane according to manufacturer, material and selectivity
  • durable and reliable due to robust design and high-quality construction materials
  • pressure stable in positive and negative pressure operation
  • indestructible even when close to vacuum