Advanced Membrane Technology to Minimize Environmental Impact and Promote Sustainability.

In sectors such as the metal and mining industries, which are known for their resource-intensive processes, there is an increasing search for ways to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability. One promising technology that is becoming increasingly important in this context is membrane technology: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. These advanced processes are used to separate or concentrate valuable substances, to purify water or treat wastewater and to recycle chemicals, acids and alkalis.

With our Large Portfolio of Membranes and Modules with High Chemical and Thermal Resistance, we can Support you in the Following Applications.

  • Treatment of rinsing baths
  • Caustic/acid treatment
  • Separation of oil/water emulsions
  • Separation of solids from process baths
  • Service life extension of degreasing baths
  • Separation of heavy metals from electroplating waste water

Wide Range of Applications in Membrane Technology

There are some impressive examples of the use of membrane technology and how they are helping to increase resource efficiency and make processes more sustainable overall. The treatment of mining water, for example, is not only crucial to reduce the environmental impact of mining and meet environmental regulations, but also to address challenges such as water shortages, supply bottlenecks and reusability as process water. In addition, the reduction of costs and the additional recovery of valuable materials play an important role. The use of membrane technology as a purification method can make a significant contribution to overcoming all these challenges.


Ask us. WTA UNISOL has a large selection of membranes of all separation limits, including acid and alkali-stable membranes. We assemble the membranes into formats for plate-frame systems, spiral wound modules and submerged membrane units. Tubular modules are also available.


We are your experienced partner to answer your questions and create tailored solutions for your specific requirements.

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