Are you looking for a replacement or an alternative for your existing membrane system? Until now, plant operators were often tied to their original membrane supplier, which resulted in high spare part prices.


With our MYTEX RETROFITs, we offer you the flexibility to replace almost any membrane module available on the market with a perfect fit. Existing base frames and ventilation systems can often be retained unchanged, while only the membrane part is replaced by specially manufactured membrane blocks. This minimizes replacement and conversion costs and significantly reduces your dependence on a single membrane supplier.

Your solution for the replacement of membranes and modules

We also offer to upgrade your existing system with new UF and MF modules and customize our filtration products according to your individual requirements. In most cases, no changes to operating procedures are required, as MYTEX modules are compatible with various common operating modes, including:

  • Gravity filtration with relaxation or backwashing via elevated tanks
  • Filtration and backwashing with reversible permeate pump
  • Filtration with centrifugal pump without backwash (relaxation only)
  • Application of various chemical cleaning strategies
  • Aeration with fine-bubble or coarse-bubble aeration possible


What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

Sustainability is an important issue for companies, especially when it comes to water treatment. We are proud to be able to offer our customers sustainable solutions in the form of customized membrane filters.

One example: The membrane modules in a municipal sewage treatment plant had to be replaced. The operator was faced with the choice of purchasing expensive spare parts (individual membrane plates) or completely new modules, which would have meant high investment costs.

With MYTEX RETROFIT, we were able to offer the operator an economical and environmentally friendly alternative. Here, only the membrane unit was replaced, while the aeration unit and the system control remained unchanged. This approach not only improves the environmental balance, but also significantly reduces operating costs.

Rely on MYTEX RETROFITS to modernize and optimize your systems with membranes and modules. Contact us to find out more about our RETROFIT solutions and their availability.

We would also be happy to help you make water treatment in your process more sustainable and benefit from the advantages of our retrofits.

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