SpiraFlex modules are an efficient and powerful option for microfiltration, designed to handle even the most demanding filtration tasks. Whether you need standard components or customized products, SpiraFlex spiral wound modules are available in different microfiltration membrane materials and in various combinations of length and diameter to meet your specific requirements.

Special applications of microfiltration modules

UNISOL’s spiral wound modules find their utility in an array of industries and applications, including:

  • Clarification of Cheese Brine
    Ensuring the clarity and quality of cheese brine.
  • Enzymes and fermentation broths
    Enabling the clarification of enzyme solutions and fermentation broths.
  • Industrial water treatment
    Meeting the demands of industrial water filtration.

Structure and Mode of Operation

Customization to meet your unique needs

We know that every filtration task is unique. That’s why we offer customized and private label options that allow you to adapt our spiral-wound modules to your specific requirements. We work closely with our customers to develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs and ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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What are the reasons for SPIRAFLEX – Spiral Wound Modules?

When you choose UNISOL’s spiral wound modules, you benefit from several key advantages that set these modules apart in the industry:

  • FDA-compliant materials
    Ensures that all materials used in the production of Unisol Sanitary modules meet FDA regulations, catering to the safety requirements of various industries.
  • Wide range of membrane types
    The diverse selection of membrane types available allows for tailored solutions to meet specific filtration needs across different applications.
  • High temperature resistance
    Specific UNISOL high temperature modules are engineered to withstand high temperatures, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • High mechanical strength
    These modules were developed with durability in mind. They offer excellent mechanical strength, which ensures a long service life and reduces the need for frequent replacement.

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