Flexibility is crucial in confined spaces and service areas that are difficult to access. That is why we are introducing the MYTEX H4S series – a simple and intelligent solution that has been specially developed for small units sizes up to 150 m² and 2.2 m high.


The MYTEX H4S membrane unit is based on the proven technology of the flexible and robust MYTEX H4L membrane modules. This simple, modular concept can be delivered fully assembled if required and is ready for immediate use.

The smart solution for confined spaces

The modular and plug-in design means that no complex assembly is required. The entire unit can be assembled by hand on site, which is also possible in confined spaces, such as on ships or in rooms that are difficult to access. It can also be moved effortlessly without a crane.

What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

  • Safeguard Technology for greater safety
    Our patented process ensures that biomass does not penetrate the drainage layer even if the membranes are damaged. This reliably prevents the permeate from becoming cloudy due to biomass.
  • Individually expandable
    The MYTEX H4S is perfect for small unit sizes up to 150 m² and 2.2 m high. This enables flexible and individual adaptation of the unit sizes for a wide range of applications.
  • Modular system
    As a modular system, the MYTEX H4S unit can be individually extended in length, width and height at any time. The newly developed base frame is stable, lightweight and flexibly configurable.
  • Plug & Play – ready for use
    The MYTEX H4S can be delivered fully assembled and is ready for immediate use. No special lifting gear is required for installation, which makes it particularly easy in confined spaces, such as on ships or in rooms that are difficult to access.
  • Lightweight modular design
    Self-assembly is possible in less than 2 hours with just two people without special tools, a crane or forklift. As a complete unit, the MYTEX H4S can be easily moved without special tools.
  • Easy handling and service friendliness
    Since there is only one block per level, the MYTEX H4S is easy to operate and clean. The frameless design enables good accessibility, prevents clogging and blockages and makes cleaning and maintenance considerably easier.

MYTEX H4S membrane units provide you with an intelligent, modular solution that offers maximum performance and ease of servicing even where space is limited.

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