Clean Water is our Contribution to a Healthier World.

WTA UNISOL develops, manufactures and sells process technology solutions in the form of submerged membrane modules for water and wastewater treatment worldwide. With our knowledge, the right products and all-round services, we support local authorities, industries, as well as the hotel and leisure sector in meeting the challenges of water filtration.

United Under the Hashtag

In a world where water plays a crucial role in our daily lives, we are proud to showcase our commitment to water filtration with the hashtag “#welivefiltration”. This meaningful hashtag embodies our company’s mission to provide sustainable solutions in water filtration, wastewater recycling and the food industry. Under the hashtag #welivefiltration, we unite with our employees, customers and partners to form a community that values and promotes responsible water management. Together we find innovative strategies, share knowledge and work towards a sustainable future. By incorporating these elements into our #welivefiltration story, we invite everyone to join us in our mission to make a positive impact through water filtration and wastewater recycling and related initiatives.

Clean Water Worldwide

Our Mission

“Revolutionizing water treatment through sustainable filtration and membrane technologies.” Our mission is to provide advanced filtration solutions that are efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable through research and development. We focus on the elimination of harmful substances such as PFAS and are committed to the conservation of our valuable water resources. We also strive to create cross-industry synergies and share our knowledge in order to promote the broad, responsible use of our technologies.

Our Vision

“Clean water for everyone worldwide thanks to advanced filtration technologies.” Under the hashtag #welivefiltration, we strive for a world in which clean, pollutant-free water is a cornerstone of our society. Through innovative filtration and membrane technologies, everyone should have access to safe water to protect and promote the health of people and the planet.

Our corporate values

The History of our Corporate Colors

Our logo consists of three different colors, each representing a specific meaning and symbolism. Each color has been carefully selected to reflect our company’s values and expertise in water filtration, wastewater recycling, the food industry and beyond. By using these three colors in our logo, we want to communicate to our customers that we are a company that values environmental awareness, technical excellence and customer focus. Our aim is to develop filtration solutions that improve water quality or processes, protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development in the food industry and other sectors.

Environment, nature, sustainability

Using the color green to represent our commitment to the environment, nature and sustainability, we strive to develop innovative technologies that preserve and protect our precious natural resources. Through our environmentally friendly approach, we want to create a greener future for generations to come.

Water, reliability, trust

The color blue represents our focus on water, reliability and trust. With our expertise in water treatment, we ensure that safe and reliable membranes, modules and systems are in place to meet the challenges associated with this vital resource. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers by providing high-quality solutions they can rely on.

Engineering, service, plant construction

With silver/grey, we demonstrate our technical competence, our exceptional service and our expertise. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering customized solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers. From designing efficient systems to assisting with the layout of state-of-the-art equipment, we emphasize technical excellence to meet or exceed industry standards.

Our Company History


WTA UNISOL presents its product portfolio at IFAT in Munich.


UNISOL Germany merges with WTA Technologies. The new headquarters for Europe is located in Gotha, Germany.

Introduction of the MYTEX H5L, submerged XL MBR membrane module with max. 1.300m²


Winner of the ThEx AWARD. The ThEx AWARD is THE start-up prize in Thuringia.

MBR modules for industrial waste water treatment plants (WWTP) in the semiconductor industry with a membrane surface area of 52,000 m² sold.

MBR modules sold for the Clairton wastewater treatment plant in Pittsburgh, USA, with a membrane area of 115,000 m².

Integration of AMS Membrane Technology into the UNISOL product portfolio.


Commissioning of a fully automated MYTEX production line.

Introduction MYTEX H4S, submerged membrane module from 15m² membrane area

Sale of the first MYTEX retrofit for cruise ships.

Foundation of UNISOL Membrane Technology. (Renaming of the CMT)

UNISOL Membrane Technology founds UNISOL USA and UNISOL India


Winner of the Thuringian Innovation Award

Foundation of UNISOL Germany

Start of automated series production of spiral wound modules


State-of-the-art technology: Frameless membrane module with support base

MYTEX Blocks, MYTEX Tiles

Start of DT/ST module production


Foundation of CMT


Foundation of WTA Technologies GmbH in Gotha

The foundation stone for MYTEX technology was laid.

Commercialization of a hybrid membrane product

Concept for the integration of surface-active substances in a submerged filtration unit / laminate

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