The MYTEX H5L membrane unit is the latest innovation in our product line. Designed to offer maximum efficiency with minimal footprint, we have developed the MYTEX H5L to ideally equip tanks over 4 m deep. Thanks to this XXL unit, we can achieve an unprecedented packing density that revolutionizes wastewater treatment in deep tanks.

What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

  • Enormous membrane area
    The MYTEX H5L membrane unit offers an impressive membrane area of up to 1300 m². This enables effective filtration and is particularly suitable for applications where a large membrane surface area is required.
  • Space-saving
    Despite its exceptional performance, the MYTEX H5L unit is characterized by its small footprint. This is ideal for systems with limited space and enables the efficient use of existing tanks.
  • Ideal solution for deep tanks
    Tanks with a depth of more than 4 m are no longer a problem. The MYTEX H5L membrane unit enables optimum equipment and ensures an unprecedented packing density. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your system!

With the MYTEX H5L membrane unit, you can rely on maximum efficiency and quality in wastewater treatment. Benefit from our innovation and optimize your system performance with minimal space requirements. We are always available to discuss your individual requirements and offer customized solutions.

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