In the area of filtration, our customers often face challenges such as limited space and service areas that are difficult to access. This experience has inspired us to develop membrane units that are modular in design and extremely easy to service.


The MYTEX H4L membrane unit represents a new generation of flexible yet robust membrane units. As a plug-in design, it is cost-effective to transport, easy to install and expandable.
The newly developed base frame of the MYTEX H4L is stable, lightweight and can be configured as required. These units are not only safe to operate, but also particularly easy to service. Thanks to the hydraulically optimized design design with flow guiding plates for additional cross flow, they are extremely efficient.


The frameless design ensures optimum access to the system and prevents clogging and blockages, which makes cleaning and maintenance considerably easier.

MYTEX membrane units - simple to use and easy to install

The modular and plug-in design means that no complex assembly is required. The entire unit can be assembled by hand on site, which is also possible in confined spaces, such as on ships or in rooms that are difficult to access. It can also be moved effortlessly without a crane.

Structure and Mode of Operation

The MYTEX H4L consists of two main components: the permeate system and the aeration system. The MYTEX BLOCKS are constructed like “LEGO® bricks” and have permeate extractors at the corners. These self-supporting blocks are simply joined together so that no frame is required. The ventilation system for cross-flow ventilation is equipped with fine-bubble aerators.

The water is drawn through the membrane by negative pressure, whereby unwanted substances are retained. The filtered water is collected in the membrane pockets and discharged via the pipes. Air is blown in to remove the top layer on the membrane pockets, effectively cleaning the surface of the membranes.

What are the reasons for MYTEX – Membrane Units?

  • Modular concept
    Our plug-in units significantly reduce transportation costs and offer greater flexibility.
  • Easy installation
    They are easy to install and flexible to configure.
  • Safe operation
    The hydraulically optimized design ensures operational safety.
  • Quick cleaning and maintenance
    The frameless design facilitates accessibility and prevents blockages.
  • Easy installation
    No special lifting gear is required, which also allows installation in confined spaces.

With MYTEX H4L membrane units, you benefit from an efficient, flexible and service-friendly solution for your filtration requirements.

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