Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Protecting the Aquatic Environment for Future Generations

Municipal wastewater treatment plays a crucial role in protecting our aquatic environment and preserving our water resources for future generations. Targeted processes ensure the effective removal of bacteria, viruses, and microplastic particles from wastewater. This is of great importance to reduce water pollution and protect the health of both ecosystems and people. Another important goal of municipal wastewater treatment is the reduction of pollutants, especially antibiotic-resistant germs. Specialized processes in wastewater treatment plants retain the genetic material of these germs, which helps to limit their spread in the environment and minimize potential health risks.

MYTEX MBR Modules Have a Wide Range of Applications in Various Wastewater Treatment Processes, Including:

  • Conversion of municipal wastewater treatment plants to MBR technology
  • Mobile container MBR systems
  • Ship sewage treatment plants for cruise ships, ferries, yachts
  • Environmental protection through innovative membrane filtration technology
  • Membrane replacement in existing municipal MBR plants with MBR technology

Effective Wastewater Treatment with MYTEX MBR Modules: Sustainable Solutions for Municipalities

Municipal wastewater treatment is characterized by very good effluent quality. The treated wastewater meets strict quality standards and can be safely returned to the environment without any negative impact on water quality. This also helps to save valuable space, as treated water can be discharged into rivers or other bodies of water efficiently and in a space-saving manner.


Through continuous improvements and innovations in municipal wastewater treatment, we are committed to preserving a clean and healthy environment for future generations and promoting the sustainable use of our water resources.


Membrane bioreactors (MBR) play an indispensable role in wastewater treatment. As a preliminary stage for further wastewater treatment processes, MBR systems offer decisive advantages over conventional biological treatment plants.


Particularly noteworthy is the higher effluent quality of MBR systems and their high dry substance content, which results in a considerably smaller footprint. Thanks to their low clogging tendency and high mechanical and chemical stability, MYTEX MBR modules are very popular with plant manufacturers worldwide.


Our MBR modules are not only characterized by their robustness, but also have the patented Safeguard technology, which prevents contamination in the water even if the membranes are damaged. As a result, the discharge values can be continuously maintained without compromising the quality of the wastewater treatment. In addition, MYTEX MBR modules enable the simple and cost-effective replacement of individual membranes.


The economic and ecological advantages are obvious. Their compact design and automated production enable fair prices and high quality at the same time. The easily replaceable components of the filtration modules reduce spare parts costs to a minimum.


Are you planning to repair, upgrade or modernize an existing wastewater treatment plant? With MYTEX RETROFITs, we offer you replacements for all existing membrane systems, regardless of the manufacturer.


Find out more about MYTEX MBR modules, RETROFITs and spiral wound modules.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Filtration Membranes and Modules

Water is essential for life and indispensable in industry as a universal solvent, transportation medium, cleaning agent and reaction environment. Today, companies are facing growing challenges in the water supply of their businesses. These increasingly require the use of modern filtration technologies, such as membrane bioreactor systems (MBR). Our systems stand for efficient wastewater treatment and make a significant contribution to environmental protection by promoting the reuse of water and supporting independence from external water sources.


In industrial applications, membrane technology is used either as an integral part of the production process or as a downstream measure. In industrial wastewater treatment, membrane processes are primarily used to recycle wastewater and reuse it as process water.

The modularity of membrane processes enables an excellent combination of different processes that target different water constituents. This allows industrial companies to flexibly adapt and optimize their wastewater treatment plants.

WTA UNISOL offers you a wide range of filtration solutions, including microfiltration membranes (MF), ultrafiltration membranes (UF), nanofiltration membranes (NF) and reverse osmosis modules (UO). Through the targeted application of different filtration technologies, we can respond to the individual needs of our customers and ensure efficient wastewater treatment.


Areas of application

  • Wastewater treatment in the textile and paper industry
  • Wastewater treatment in F&B, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Wastewater recycling in fish farms and shrimp production
  • Water treatment in the food industry and beverage production
  • Desalination of seawater and brackish water for fresh, drinking and process water production.
  • Waste water treatment in industrial parks with different industrial waste waters


Our filtration solutions help companies not only to clean their wastewater streams efficiently, but also to reuse water to make their operating processes more sustainable and independent and to reduce operating costs.

Challenge us. Our team looks forward to working with you to find sustainable solutions for your industrial wastewater treatment.

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