Effective Training and Education in the Field of Filtration

Well-trained personnel are essential to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your facility. At WTA UNISOL, we offer our clients high-quality training and educational programs, providing relevant knowledge and practical experience to you and your employees.

Our Training Program Includes the Following Important Components

In an increasingly complex industrial landscape, continuous training is the key to optimizing operating processes and increasing plant efficiency. Our comprehensive training program is specifically designed to provide you and your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively plan, commission, operate and continuously improve your filtration system. Learn how you can maximize the performance of your systems and reduce operating costs at the same time through targeted measures. Here are the key focus areas of our training programs:

Qualified Personnel Ensure Efficient Operation

Our training courses are not only a benefit for your employees, but also for your company as a whole. Smooth operation leads to lower operating costs, reduced maintenance costs and a longer service life for your filter modules, resulting in significant cost savings. If your company also needs training, we will be happy to help you. We offer training courses both at our own training facilities and at your premises. Benefit from our many years of experience!

Overview of our Service Areas

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