Test our Membrane Modules in Modern Pilot Plants

Nowadays, pilot plants are invaluable for evaluating new applications and fine-tuning the system design. Our pilot plant for wastewater and water treatment is available to our customers who wish to carry out extensive on-site tests with our ultrafiltration and microfiltration modules. This container system has a modular design and is state of the art. The pilot plant enables you to develop and test the ideal configuration for a large-scale plant. Remote monitoring allows you to track and monitor ongoing tests online, giving you maximum flexibility and control.

Plug & Play: Test a large Number of MF / UF Configurations on Site.

Our membrane modules are assembled in a container, delivered to the customer and then only require a power supply and water supply on site. We would also be happy to design your individual pilot system and provide you with our expertise during the test phase. Our experienced technicians and engineers are happy to accompany the tests and provide you with detailed evaluations and the corresponding documentation.

Applications already examined:

The Advantages and Specifications of Pilot Plants

Our pilot plants offer you the ideal environment for testing and evaluating our membrane modules under real conditions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to optimize your wastewater and water treatment processes. Contact us to find out more about our pilot plants and their availability.

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