MYTEX – Membrane Units

MYTEXLAMINAT is a textile material that impresses with its high strength, robustness and durability. It is completely resistant to high pressures and therefore cannot be damaged even at the maximum possible suction pressure. The MYTEX LAMINAT has a patented design and can be manufactured with any commercially available flat membrane, which supports the flexibility for application-orientated membrane selection. Thanks to its hybrid properties, the laminate is flexible and backwashable, with a high degree of free volume within the drainage layer. This free volume can be utilised to introduce reactive substances, enabling further treatment processes and integrating downstream procedures into one step. The SAFEGUARD TECHNOLOGIE ensures the retention of biomass, even in the event of severe membrane damage. The multi-layer laminate prevents the penetration of biomass. The retained biomass forms a secondary filtration layer that effectively blocks any point of damage and safely retains biomass. Dadurch werden hohe Trübungen oder suspendierte Feststoffe im Permeat vermieden.

MYTEX – Membrane Units


The MYTEX H5L membrane unit is the latest innovation in our product line. Designed to...
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