Tubular Microfiltration modules are widely used across various industries, including industrial wastewater treatment, metal and glas production. Tubular modules are durable and are particularly suitable for the filtration of abrasive media.

What are the reasons for Tubular Modules?

  • High Flux PP Microfiltration
    This product offers a high filtration capacity, allowing it to efficiently filter large quantities of liquid.
  • Filtration of abrasive media
    It is capable of filtering abrasive media, meaning it effectively functions even when processing particles with high hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Extremely robust and high-quality
    The product is extremely durable and manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.
  • pH range covered from 1-13
    It can handle liquids with a pH range from 1 to 13, showcasing its versatility across various applications.
  • Maximum lifetime and steady operation
    It guarantees a long lifespan and stable operation, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and lower operating costs.
  • Standard sizes 0.5 m² – 16 m²
    The product is available in a range of standard sizes to accommodate different needs.
  • Customization possible
    It can be customized as needed to meet specific requirements and applications, enhancing flexibility in its usage.

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