Development of a gravity-driven membrane cleaning system for gray water and partial flows


An omnipresent challenge in filtration tasks is the formation of layers on the membranes that can impede the filtration flow.

The MeSRa project represents a completely new approach in that the MBR principle for wastewater treatment is to be further developed into the special process of a “Biologically Activated Membrane Bioreactor” (BAMBi).

The formation of a biomass layer on the membranes is not only accepted, but actively promoted in order to build up an efficient biofilm that offers sufficient biological activity and capacity. This means that the small quantities of pollutants in the greywater can be converted without additional measures such as aerobic or anaerobic activation, aeration or circulation.

In the event of pollutant peaks, these are to be buffered by adsorbers located in the immediate vicinity of the biofilms and released again during periods of low pollution.

The sub-project, which is being carried out by WTA UNISOL, is based on the MYTEX H4L membrane system and is developing it further specifically for the intended application.

The focus of the work is on :

  • the optimization of the membrane material,
  • the selection of suitable adsorber materials with regard to base material, particle size, fixing method and spatial arrangement,
  • the adaptation of the membrane system and
  • the production of the prototypes.

Due to the gravity operation of the membranes and the lack of cross-flow, the energy requirement is reduced to a minimum, while at the same time keeping the membrane load low. This leads to a correspondingly long expected service life of the membranes.

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Head of R&D


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