UNISOL’s cost-effective DTRO modules, based on decades of experience in industrial membrane technology, represent a breakthrough in desalination and liquid purification. These modules are designed for the efficient processing of streams with a high TDS value (Total Dissolved Solids) and offer versatile solutions for different separation requirements.

Our DTRO Modules Excel in Various Critical Applications, Including:

DTRO module: Engineered for Demanding Conditions
Tailored for feed streams with high hardness and significant suspended solids, our DTRO and STRO membrane modules come with outstanding anti-fouling properties, perfect for treating highly contaminated wastewater.

  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Chemical and Wastewater Desulfurization
  • High Solids Applications
  • Offshore Seawater Desalination
  • Zero Liquid Discharge/Reduction of Industrial Wastewater
  • High pressure F&B Applications

Structure and Mode of Operation

Root 42’s Disk Tube module stacks are pioneering new standards in industrial filtration, offering an array of benefits that redefine efficiency and reliability across all DT applications.

Key Features of Root 42’s Disk Tube Module stacks

  • Root 42’s unique stack design:
  • Simplifies membrane replacement.
  • Accelerates membrane assembly.
  • Reduces operational risks.

Root 42’s Unique Stack Design addressing Challenges with Innovative Solutions

“Root 42” plates stacks, grouped in five stacks, to minimize component displacement risks and enhance operational safety.


What are the reasons for DTRO / STRO Reverse Osmosis Modules?

  • High-quality membrane
    Delivers consistent performance with high flux and rejection rates.
  • Innovative design
    State-of-the-art design, including the next-generation deflector for enhanced robustness and increased turbulence.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
    Radially symmetric flow enhances filtration efficiency and uniformity, ideal for high-purity processes.
  • Extended Membrane Life
    Reduces operational costs, offering an extended lifespan and reduced maintenance.
  • High packing density
    The DT design maximizes the membrane area, enhancing performance.
  • Superior Anti-Fouling Properties
    Optimized flow pattern minimizes dead zones, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Versatility in pressure levels
    Accommodates a range of pressure levels, up to 160bar, to meet specific needs.
  • High specific performance
    Delivers up to two times the performance of normal SWRO sea water elements.

Experience the Difference with DTRO Foodgrade Modules in the Food Sector

The previous membrane technology with spiral-wound modules is severely restricted, especially when concentrating foodstuffs such as milk or coffee, due to the limitations in the permissible operating pressure and the solids tolerance.
Our investigations have shown that a higher concentration by a factor of >2 can be achieved with food grade DT module technology. This ensures that downstream technologies such as evaporators or spray dryers are relieved by 50%. This relief can be used either to increase throughput or simply to save around 50% energy and CO₂.

The possibilities of the new DTRO Foodgrade modules are manifold:

  • Almost all available membranes can be integrated into the Food Grade DT module.
  • The radial, symmetrical flow guidance enables a module without dead zones.
  • Operating pressures of up to 70 bar are possible.
  • The operating temperature can reach up to 45°C.
  • Both the connecting parts and the housing are made of 316L stainless steel.
  • The stability against acids and bases enables easy integration into CIP processes.

These DTRO (Disk-Tube Reverse Osmosis) membrane components according to FDA standards have excellent anti-fouling performance and are specially designed for concentration and treatment in food and beverage processing.

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