3 Questions – 1 Expert: Interview with Christoph Schwarz


The planning and management of logistics for the transportation of our membrane modules and filtration technologies is a particularly important factor for our customers. The scheduling on the construction site and thus the timely completion of the project often stands and falls with the precisely scheduled delivery of our modules. However, the “Clairton” project in Pennsylvania has shown that there can also be unexpected challenges.


Despite an unexpected bridge collapse in Baltimore, which posed major challenges for global logistics, our logistics team kept a cool head. By rescheduling at lightning speed, we ensured that our customer’s schedule was met.


In our interview with Christoph Schwarz, we talked about special challenges in order processing and logistics.


Mr. Schwarz, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. Could you give us an overview of the current “Clairton” project?


Christoph Schwarz: With pleasure. Clairton is our largest project to date, where we are supplying 144 membrane modules for the wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania. This facility covers approx. 115,000 m², the equivalent of around 16 soccer pitches. Each of our modules has a membrane area of 792 m². The first delivery of 72 modules was made between March and May of this year in 14 40-foot containers. However, the tragic bridge accident at the port of destination in Baltimore occurred during the delivery period.


Does that mean you were unable to deliver the membrane modules as planned?


Christoph Schwarz: The bridge collapse in Baltimore was an unexpected challenge. On the first day of loading in Gotha, we had to react immediately due to the closure of the port of Baltimore and reschedule the entire logistics. This meant that we had to rebook all the containers we had already booked to the port in Philadelphia. Thanks to the fast and coordinated work of our team, we were able to manage this changeover and complete the delivery with a delay of just one week. It was an intensive process, but in the end we managed to deliver the goods on time.


That is an impressive achievement under such difficult conditions. Finally, can you tell us a bit more about the membrane modules that you supplied to the USA?


Christoph Schwarz: Of course. The MYTEX MBR modules are crucial for modern wastewater treatment. They offer considerable advantages over conventional biological purification systems, particularly thanks to their high mechanical and chemical stability. The MYTEX MBR modules also allow individual membranes to be replaced easily and cost-effectively. These properties make them very popular with plant manufacturers worldwide and were a key component of our project in Clairton.


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