WTA UNISOL introduces new MBR module sizes and offers PFAS-free solutions for wastewater treatment


WTA UNISOL is pleased to announce the launch of its new MYTEX H5L-MBR (Membrane BioReactor) module series. With this new MYTEX H5L series, the company offers its customers a wide range of membrane surfaces – from 20 m² to 1300 m² – and thus has over 80,000 different submerged membrane modules.


MYTEX series sets new standards in terms of flexibility and adaptability in water and wastewater treatment.

Like all products in the MYTEX series, the new MYTEX H5L modules are characterized by maximum flexibility in terms of size and operation. They are particularly suitable for systems with an inflow of more than 1,000 m³ per day.


Product development of the H5L began with the following two projects “Zongli” and “Clairton”.
Zongli, an industrial wastewater treatment plant with a membrane area of almost 52,000 m² for the semiconductor industry, is in the commissioning phase with 72 modules covering an area of 719 m². Clairton, a municipal sewage treatment plant with almost 115,000 m², is being supplied with 144 modules of 792 m² each and is currently in the delivery and installation phase.


Thanks to its ability to replace all common membrane types, MYTEX can be easily integrated into existing systems. The simple and economical replacement of the membranes means that system operators can benefit from lower operating costs and increased efficiency. The high packing density of the MYTEX modules results in optimized space requirements, while the fine-bubble ventilation significantly reduces energy costs. The use of innovative “Safeguard technology” makes the H5L modules robust and durable.


“We are proud to offer our customers the great flexibility of different module sizes they need to optimize their wastewater treatment systems and thus preserve water resources for future generations,” says Carsten Bachert, one of the managing directors at WTA UNISOL in Gotha.


“With the addition of the new H5L module to the MYTEX product range, we can meet the requirements of systems of all sizes while reducing our customers’ operating costs. Our modules have also been produced PFAS-free to ensure that no additional harmful substances are released into the water.”


PFAS, a man-made substance that does not occur naturally in the environment, is characterized by its persistence and is often referred to as “chemicals for eternity”. These substances can easily dissolve from the products on which they are used and contaminate soil, water, air, food or even the human body. Industrial discharges, improper waste disposal and the use of products containing PFAS contribute to their widespread presence. However, sustainability is at the heart of the MYTEX H5L series. We guarantee that our modules are PFAS-free to prevent these harmful chemicals from entering the water. This is our contribution to preserving water resources for future generations.


WTA UNISOL is looking forward to presenting the new PFAS-free MYTEX H5L MBR module series at the upcoming IFAT trade fair in Munich. Visitors and interested parties are cordially invited to find out more about the advantages and technical specifications of the new XL module at the WTA UNISOL stand.


Sustainability redefined: MYTEX improves membrane filtration with “Single Sheet Replacement” technology in the new MBR modules

Why are these “single sheet replacements” so important? The repair of “single sheets” in membrane modules enables considerable cost savings for companies, as in future they will only have to replace damaged membrane sheets instead of replacing entire modules. In times of rising operating costs, this is a major step towards increasing profitability.


Another point is the minimization of downtimes: Continuous filtration systems are crucial for numerous industrial processes. The traditional practice of replacing entire modules can lead to long downtimes, which are costly and impractical. By repairing individual sheets, companies can minimize downtime and ensure seamless production.


According to Carsten Bachert, Managing Director, environmental friendliness is an important aspect: “In an era where sustainability is paramount, single sheet replacements are an environmentally friendly solution. Conventional replacement methods lead to considerable material and resource waste. This innovation extends the service life of the modules and significantly reduces waste, a step towards environmental protection.” Carsten Bachert adds: “Flexibility is crucial for success in modern industry. Replacing individual sheets allows companies to adapt and optimize membrane modules as required.”


Would you like to find out more or talk about how you can use MYTEX in your industry? Visit WTA UNISOL at the IFAT in Munich at stand number A2.140to find out more about these and other innovations in water and wastewater treatment.


Brief explanation of the MYTEX product series

MYTEX is an innovative MBR module series for water and wastewater filtration. MYTEX’s advanced membrane sheets are used in a wide range of applications, from the food and beverage industry to water treatment and wastewater recycling. MYTEX products are characterized by their durability, efficiency and adaptability, making them a preferred choice for companies worldwide.


Through the partnership with WTA UNISOL, companies can also benefit globally from the MYTEX advantages and the “Single Sheet Replacements”.


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