Innovation and sustainability in dialog: Carsten Bachert in conversation with Startup Mitteldeutschland


We are delighted to present you with a special highlight: An exclusive interview with Carsten Bachert, the creative mind behind some of the innovations from WTA UNISOL GmbH in Gotha. In the world of filtration technology, WTA UNISOL surprises with innovative and sustainable solutions. In an interview with Startup Mitteldeutschland conducted in December 2023, Carsten Bachert provides fascinating insights into the company’s latest achievement: “Single Sheet Replacements”.

This new technology not only stands for progress and efficiency, but also for an increased awareness of sustainable practices in the industry.

Visit Startup Mitteldeutschland and discover an inspiring conversation that opens up new perspectives and shows how innovation and sustainability can successfully go hand in hand.

Source: Startup Mitteldeutschland

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