Innovative “Single Sheet Replacements” at the Aquatech trade fair: A sustainable revolution in membrane filtration


Gotha, 3.11.2023 – At this year’s Aquatech in Amsterdam, the leading trade fair for water and wastewater applications, WTA UNISOL is presenting an innovation that not only significantly improves efficiency but also sustainability in membrane filtration: “Single Sheet Replacement” in membrane modules.

Membrane filtration plays a crucial role in many industries, from the food and beverage industry to water treatment. This constantly evolving technology now offers a solution that provides both economic and environmental benefits.

Why are “single sheet replacements” so important?

The repair of “single sheets” in membrane modules enables companies to make considerable cost savings, as in future they will only have to replace damaged membrane sheets instead of replacing entire modules. In times of rising operating costs, this is a significant step towards increasing profitability.

Another point is the minimization of downtimes: Continuous filtration systems are crucial for numerous industrial processes. The traditional practice of replacing entire modules can lead to long downtimes, which are costly and impractical. By repairing individual sheets, companies can minimize downtime and ensure seamless production.

According to Carsten Bachert, Managing Director, environmental friendliness is an important aspect: “In an era where sustainability is paramount, single sheet replacements are an environmentally friendly solution. Conventional replacement methods lead to considerable material and resource waste. This innovation extends the service life of the modules and significantly reduces waste, a step towards environmental protection.” Carsten Bachert adds: “Flexibility is crucial for success in modern industry. Replacing individual sheets allows companies to customize and optimize membrane modules as needed. This means that different membrane sheets can be used for different applications to increase the efficiency of filtration processes and improve product quality.”

The “single sheet replacements” presented in membrane filtration are not only cost-efficient, but also help to achieve sustainability goals and minimize environmental impact.

Would you like to find out more or discuss how you can use MYTEX in your industry? Talk to Ralf Gülland or Carsten Bachert.

Visit WTA UNISOL at the Aquatech trade fair on stand number 1.500 to find out more about these and other innovations in water and wastewater treatment.

Brief explanation about MYTEX

MYTEX is a leading MBR module series in water and wastewater filtration. MYTEX’s advanced membrane sheets are used in a wide range of applications, from the food and beverage industry to water treatment and wastewater recycling. MYTEX products are characterized by their durability, efficiency and adaptability, making them a preferred choice for companies worldwide.

By partnering with WTA UNISOL, companies can now benefit globally from MYTEX advantages and single sheet replacements while reducing their operating costs, lowering their environmental impact and optimizing their production processes.

Visit us at the Aquatech trade fair, stand number 01.500, to find out more about MYTEX and our innovative membrane solutions.


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